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The creative mind behind Avdallon and Mundir

Let’s face it; our world is boring. There’s no magic. No dragons. No quick-witted rogues or evil witches. There’s just people and politics and work and school.

Scott likes to imagine far more interesting worlds. Ones with gods who give their followers super powers or dragons build mountain cities; where adventure is always just over the hill and through the dale; and where young heroes explore and discover the fantastic nature of their worlds for themselves. These are worlds that only exist in imagination, but maybe they could be real, if only we could find them.

Scott lives in Denver, Colorado with his cat, Evie. He enjoys a daily cup of coffee, a weekly exercise regimen, a regular bottle of gin or whiskey, and the occasional trip to far-off places. His biggest influences are Tolkien, Palahniuk, Vonnegut, LeGuin, and McCarthy. He believes there’s nothing more awkward in the world than having people look at you while they sing to you, though writing about yourself in the third-person comes close.




Wings of the Sathakos – The Sathakos Trilogy Book One

All at once, a peaceful world is plunged into chaos.

The dragons come down from their mountains to lay waste to the southern reaches of Avdallon and the mythical assassin Sirilis emerges from a hundred years of self-exile to take the life of the Chassan Emperor.

Only if the Emperor’s son, Erek Enterok, takes the throne can he bring order, but his many enemies have conspired to make this a risky endeavor.

To have any hope of success, Erek will need the aid of a select group of allies: Antithion Jarvis, a stoic knight of the secret Raven order; Halvoc of Garistead, the perceptive hunter; and Radlai Ecarsel, the promising Sarin monk who is yet seeking to find the full extent of his power.

Together, they must battle their way to Chassa’s capital and help Erek fulfill his destiny before the dragons and their leader, the mighty Sathakos, commit the city to history.


The Fox and the Blade – The Sathakos Trilogy Book Two

In this sequel to Wings of the Sathakos, two new protagonists set off on quests to bring the dragons down.

The first, Tyria Damaril, searches for the last cache of dragon eggs hidden somewhere in the Chassan wilderness. If she can find them, she’ll have the leverage to send the dragons back into the exile they suffered for centuries.

The second, Mordecai the Blade, is the last of an ancient order of dragon hunters. If he can reach the dragon city alive, he may be able to build the only army strong enough to defeat the dragons.

Both must face a number of challenges but with loyal companions and a whole lot of determination, one or both of them may succeed. If neither can, the world is surely lost.



Lars is raised by his mother in a harsh desert. When she dies, she gives him a mysterious compass and makes him promise to cross the sea to the island nation, Mundir. There, he is to find what remains of his family and build a new life.

When he arrives, Lars discovers that the Mundiri pantheon of gods is real. Each bestows upon her followers a particular gift, be it immortality, magical power, or physical transformation. When Lars kills in self-defense, he discovers that any violent act is one of worship in favor of the goddess of death, Nex.

With Nex’ followers pursuing him, thinking to force him into bending the knee to her will, Lars must rely on newfound friends and allies to protect himself. Ultimately, solving the mystery of his family, his birth, and his destiny could mean either saving the world or damning it.





Scott Beckman’s novels have average ratings over 4 stars on all major digital booksellers

“If you are looking for a book to take you away for a few hours, this is it! With characters you care about and a story that keeps you curious about what happens next, Pantheon will keep you interested. I look forward to the next novel by this author.”

Anonymous Amazon Reviewer – Verified Purchase

“The author has built an interesting world in Pantheon,a quick enjoyable read. I’ll definitely be interested if the author writes a sequel.”

Amazon User Stephen – Verified Purchase

“I really enjoyed Wings of the Sathakos; I had a hard time putting it down. The characters are fleshed out well and the setting is familiar, yet it’s different enough from other novels in this genre to be interesting. Also there’re dragons, so there’s that.”

Amazon User Jacki – Verified Purchase

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Look for these future titles from Scott Beckman coming soon!
The Epic of Cait Verlyn

When magic was discovered, it was heralded as the most important moment in mankind’s history. The study of its unlimited potential spread until differences of opinion and belief drove wizards to war. In the aftermath, the world that remains is largely inhospitable and the few survivors live in small enclaves cut off from the others.

In one such enclave, built among the skeletal ruins of Denver’s skyscrapers, a girl named Cait finds a book on Forjha magic – the very magic that could either rebuild civilization or damn it forever. Cait’s secret studies may grant her the power to undo the damage that magic wrought in the war, but not without attracting the attention of the few remaining wizards who will do anything to keep their monopoly on magic intact.


Quinn has lived on the streets of Caville as a petty thief for most of her life. Escaping poverty seems like an impossible dream.

All that changes when the Royal Illusionist sets out to hire someone well-versed in both alchemy and stealth to help him solve the mystery of the Queen’s disease. He thinks she’s being poisoned, and he sets Quinn up as the new Royal Alchemist so she can sneak around to look for the would-be assassin.

Yet despite the benefits of life in the palace, it can be as dangerous as the streets. Conspirators lurk around every corner, and many of them are curious about Quinn’s true purpose. She’ll have to balance the need to protect her secret identity with the task of discovering the plot, all before the assassins tire of their game and take the Queen’s life once and for all.

The Ascendants

At a time when their lands are being threatened, three disconnected heroes are guided to the hiding places of ancient relics by similar visions. Yet the motivations of the beings in their visions, the mysterious Ascendants, are not well-understood. Are the relics weapons to help the heroes defend their lands or keys to releasing untold devastation?