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October 2017 Updates

The Epic is off to the editor. There are still some decisions to made that may push its release back a bit, but it's coming along nicely. Pentavie, my steampunk-gaslamp novel, is nearing completion as well. For NaNoWriMo this year, I'll be focusing on writing the first novel in the Epic of Cait Verlyn, a [...]

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The Meanings of Things

The hardest thing about writing fantasy isn't the world-building. It isn't the language. It's not the basics, like the grammar or the punctuation. No, the hardest thing about writing fantasy is making it meaningful. Game of Thrones isn't great solely because it's entertaining. It has something to say about the nature of power and the [...]

2017-06-03T20:39:48+00:00 May 1st, 2017|

Lulu vs. Amazon

I can't remember why I chose to self-publish through Lulu. It probably came up first in a search for self-publishing platforms. After 3 years, I'm gradually cutting ties. I don't love it. Let me count the ways. Cost. Lulu is expensive. Though is allows me to print in pocketbook sizes, which is the standard size [...]

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The Epic

The novel I’m working on writing, tentatively called The Ascendants, is my most ambitious to date. This means more storylines, more characters, more places, and more cultures. More of everything. More chances to fuck things up. It started as a world-building exercise between myself and my brother. I created a spreadsheet with a list of [...]

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Gods and Goddesses

One of the most exciting parts of writing fantasy is world-building. Developing an entirely new world, with cultures and creatures and rules very different from Earth, is a blast. My second novel, Pantheon, takes place on an island where the gods (11 of them) are all very real. Rather than being gods of things, like [...]

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I've written three books. These are full-length fantasy novels. Dragons. Swords. Assassins. Magic. It's all in there. It's all happening. I never thought I'd write one. Then I went to Argentina for a month where I had no social circle, just a lot of free time, and boom. Most of my first book came pouring out. [...]

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International Women’s Day

I was homeschooled until high school. For most of my primary school years, my mother was my teacher. She ensured I had an academic knowledge on all the necessary subjects, but she also taught me to think critically, to believe in equality for all people, and to respect women. This doesn't mean I have a [...]

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The Name Of The Thing

I've just watched a video of George R. R. Martin explaining how he comes up with his names. From it, I've learned that he uses a) baby books, b) historical names, c) modern names that sound old, d) his own imagination, and d) slightly modified names from all of these. But at the end, he [...]

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